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You may only create, have, administer and/or control one Account. If you require an additional Account you must first get our written permission to do so. You may request an additional Account through our support contact form with the proposed purpose for an additional Account. We are under no obligation to approve any additional Account. If we find that you have opened, operated and/or are operating an additional Account, or more than one Account at any one time without our permission we reserve all rights, including but not limited to, terminating your Account(s), revoking your limited license to use the Platform and taking whatever other means we deem necessary to protect our users, us and the Platform. Your use of the Platform, or any part thereof, is at your sole risk and we assume no responsibility for the underlying transaction of funds, or the actions or identity of any transfer recipient or sender. If any third party files a claim for a chargeback or we are otherwise informed of a dispute between you and another party, we are not responsible for intermediating, determining the veracity of claims or resolving the dispute, including disposition of any associated economic value of any assets.

Termination or cancellation

In the event that you want to stop using the Platform, you can cancel your Account if you are in good standing and compliant with these Terms and Conditions and other policies. To cancel, simply remove all funds in your Account and visit our cancellation page. We will decide whether to cancel or suspend any pending transactions and we will need to hold funds until any applicable reversal windows are complete and all your obligations to us are satisfied. Of course, you may not cancel your Account in an effort to avoid paying amounts due us or if your activity is under investigation. Note that withdrawals are subject to minimum balances; contact Hot Markets support if you are not able to cancel your account.